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Five years on
I revisit a tree under whose benign aura
I laid the proclamation of a new-found truth
Ingrained in the sacredness of Life
Hidden behind the veil of the resounding cacophony.
An epiphany immense chose this tree as a witness
To the oath whose future echoes would
Sing the solitary melody of bliss and hardship

Beliefs and cognitions disperse and transmute
And soothing it is that whatever the objectives were
I stand as then silenced by calmness which inspires
And gleeful, hearing the layers of birds’ songs
Melodious and uplifting, giving the premature
Sense of spring’s benevolence;
And the tree which my companion was then
Now stands before me unchanged
The past ideals wrought into the deep recesses
Of mental persistence do not necessarily try
To find the passed words of promises made ¬–
Instead, they attach to that omniscient spirit
Of restorative power of surroundings’ soul,
Which constantly admonishes the individual
And enhances his spiritual endowment
Should he have already ventured to see
The continuous lining of all things.

The noble scene does not serve to acknowledge
The self-indulgent realizations of my endurance in
Pre-set virtues of the mind: it assumes selfless aims.
The mild insistence comes from within and without
Carrying the prophetic wind of interminability of
Intentions which abide everywhere and sift through
All objects animate and inanimate alike, and which
Move led by dignified auras that do not always
Fill the individual with blissful message, exposing
Him oftentimes to travail that leaves him bereaved,
Yet hoping that he will find strength in those inevitabilities
And light from then on will shine spread everywhere.

The gentle wind runs through the sapless branches
Which in two months’ time will once again, as always,
Burst in colours and sing the song of glory to all that is

And seasons will come and go
And layers of memories will pile up,
Arrange and rearrange, cause new lapses
In recollections and new premonitions in
Future acts of awe-inspiring remembrance.

And for now
The view of the tree
Is what it always will be
It is
And informs
Overspreads and


two poems

light premonitions

Great lives have been lived
Paragons of dignity and perseverance
Many leave every day, books close

Yet there persists that which reaches beyond
The mortal frame of a single being –
A set of noble endeavours enacted
Whose proliferation cannot but be passed over
Whole categories of what makes a man’s life
Worthwhile and complete
Life well spent supersedes the individual
And emanates graces of a universal seeing

We are universes
Noble transmitters of the One
Through us All sees

And blessed are those who venture to
Acknowledge the common light
Irrespective of one’s subjective lineage
Which constantly multiplies the vision of the One
Though sure it is that one abides in multitudes
And beautiful lives are those which are led
To excract the best out of our human experience

Sun shines, nature prevails
But nothing seems certain apart from the endurance
With which we protest and progress against
Any incertainties and griefs
Constant articulation and belief in permanence of things
Endow life with light necessary for avoiding
Any dark ditches we encounter on our paths

Everything is a dream and constant action within it
Reveals new landscapes, new suns, new reasons and ideas
Whose implementation there will be never enough time for
So lush as verdant undergrowth and immense sky formations are they

Dream and act
See bliss within



new landscapes

What a joy it is to see things
Never before occurred to the eyes
New hills, new blessed shapes
Never to be counted in its infinitude
Festivity even greater when the sight is
Basked in Sun’s restorative waves of
Benign greetings to all that is.

To explore that which is truly universal
Is one of the noblest pursuits a human being
Could ever engage in –
No vain urges of vulgar and ill-minded business
Only mild breath of wind sifts through the mind
Which ever seeks moral and spiritual endowment

The perpetual indwells in old and new alike
Yet how glorious it is to confirm and extend
Its reign, which radiates into every soul, to
Landscapes inaccustomed to familiar perception
And how soothing it is to acknowledge principles
That always are true and always uplift when
The mind evinces downward tendency.
New lessons into the nature of the human being
Have been learnt, and the image of the truth grows
And the connection between its parts renders
Cohesive structure provided the mind rests at its
Most enlightened and receptive state, brave enough to
Welcome light in its life, no matter what struggles
It takes. To emboss the light within even when
Inner turmoils rage is the true trial of will and integrity

Unresolvedness Is Completness Too

To make sense of reality, one seeks truths or more radically, the truth. I would argue that truth is not something definite, not necessarily a situation in which some resolved event is presented as something ultimate and binding. I mean, facts are facts, it can be determined which ones render truth in a more commonplace context. However, a kind of truth I am here mostly preoccupied with is the metaphysical one, that of an idealist, not that of a materialist.

Yet to narrow down this consideration I am arriving at a bit, I would like to refer to a specific situation of probing truth: a kind of truth where there are no agents distinctly delineated, nor are any cause-effect dichotomies. It appears wise and joy-inducing to perceive the self-containedness of a situation, the very subconscious impression it presses upon one’s senses as the very core of truth. The truth of a single event and its character is then dispersed and does not constitute a tangible and factual base, but this is perhaps even more unitive and universal than any stringent fact might ever be. It seems that the purport of this idea is that unresolvedness is truth as well; that the lack of any concrete data to interpret in one’s mind constitutes the truth itself; that the silence of helplessness and confusion might in fact bask in its self-containedness, which could be identified with truth if one wishes to use this term.

Fusion of dispersed and self-contained elements abiding in the unitive forces of reality.

Impressions received from a simple event where everything effortlessly manifests itself fill with joys, and silence and harmony of everything nourish the mind interminably.

Unresolvedness is a part of Continuity.

On Continuity, 8 October 2015

Brilliant continuity is all that there is to everything. Everything stays continuous, without ends, or with ends that at the moment of their alleged termination shift into another form and link with that which has ended, submerging into the ever-genuine stream of things. A potential distortion that might arise from acknowledging such a state of affairs stems from human systems created for classification and ordering of common things. But those are arbitrary and created so that to be helpful for us; yet, in the long run, those are inferior when looked at from that universal standpoint of continuity that merges and extends any matters that ever have occurred in this interminable reality, which marries constantly new areas of cognizant elements. Consistent working towards engraving this intimation into one’s system constitutes a great, noble, and gratifying activity that one could ever engage in, as it helps reach beyond fears of both living and mortality, and thus see everything as a continuous flow of things – a flow that has been occurring independently of the particular person, that permeated billions of living creatures with that common spirit of being. Everything is alive: earth, its noble inhabitants, being stones, trees, mountains, rivulets, animals, and space. It’s hard to admit such truths when we are caught in cycles of daily grind, but to reiterate: the gospel is that of continuity.

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