Five years on
I revisit a tree under whose benign aura
I laid the proclamation of a new-found truth
Ingrained in the sacredness of Life
Hidden behind the veil of the resounding cacophony.
An epiphany immense chose this tree as a witness
To the oath whose future echoes would
Sing the solitary melody of bliss and hardship

Beliefs and cognitions disperse and transmute
And soothing it is that whatever the objectives were
I stand as then silenced by calmness which inspires
And gleeful, hearing the layers of birds’ songs
Melodious and uplifting, giving the premature
Sense of spring’s benevolence;
And the tree which my companion was then
Now stands before me unchanged
The past ideals wrought into the deep recesses
Of mental persistence do not necessarily try
To find the passed words of promises made ¬–
Instead, they attach to that omniscient spirit
Of restorative power of surroundings’ soul,
Which constantly admonishes the individual
And enhances his spiritual endowment
Should he have already ventured to see
The continuous lining of all things.

The noble scene does not serve to acknowledge
The self-indulgent realizations of my endurance in
Pre-set virtues of the mind: it assumes selfless aims.
The mild insistence comes from within and without
Carrying the prophetic wind of interminability of
Intentions which abide everywhere and sift through
All objects animate and inanimate alike, and which
Move led by dignified auras that do not always
Fill the individual with blissful message, exposing
Him oftentimes to travail that leaves him bereaved,
Yet hoping that he will find strength in those inevitabilities
And light from then on will shine spread everywhere.

The gentle wind runs through the sapless branches
Which in two months’ time will once again, as always,
Burst in colours and sing the song of glory to all that is

And seasons will come and go
And layers of memories will pile up,
Arrange and rearrange, cause new lapses
In recollections and new premonitions in
Future acts of awe-inspiring remembrance.

And for now
The view of the tree
Is what it always will be
It is
And informs
Overspreads and