sinews okładka3

Bruno Janiszewski Sinews of the Perpetual

  1. Sinews of the Perpetual I
  2. Sinews of the Perpetual II
  3. Stawy Przysieckie (Styczeń)
  4. Wicher wciąż dmie
  5. Wśród daglezji
  6. Sinews of the Perpetual III

This album was intended to bear another artist name, bur for the lack of any definite ideas, I stuck to my real name. Who cares about the name, anyway.
The album’s sonic realm oscillates within such genres as ambient, acoustic/american primitive guitar, folk, or field recordings… as organic as I could.
It’s past the midpoint between winter and spring, so I hope the album captures this aura of weather’s suspension between windy and cloudy days, interwoven with quick flashes of serenity brought by the Sun.

The inspiration for the album title comes from one tree I saw whose trunk was truly sinewy – this, in turn, prompted me to visualise every particle of nature as consisting of such sinewy fibres of life, extending ad infinitum and being connected to one another.

Recorded in Toruń/ released in Mława on February 11th, 2016.

I am considering releasing this album on CDs, with the cover’s lettering being made with some glittery paper. The original cover lettering has a photograph of ice inscribed into it – ice from one of the Przysiek ponds, Przysiek being a village near Toruń where seven beautiful ponds are situated next to one another.