light premonitions

Great lives have been lived
Paragons of dignity and perseverance
Many leave every day, books close

Yet there persists that which reaches beyond
The mortal frame of a single being –
A set of noble endeavours enacted
Whose proliferation cannot but be passed over
Whole categories of what makes a man’s life
Worthwhile and complete
Life well spent supersedes the individual
And emanates graces of a universal seeing

We are universes
Noble transmitters of the One
Through us All sees

And blessed are those who venture to
Acknowledge the common light
Irrespective of one’s subjective lineage
Which constantly multiplies the vision of the One
Though sure it is that one abides in multitudes
And beautiful lives are those which are led
To excract the best out of our human experience

Sun shines, nature prevails
But nothing seems certain apart from the endurance
With which we protest and progress against
Any incertainties and griefs
Constant articulation and belief in permanence of things
Endow life with light necessary for avoiding
Any dark ditches we encounter on our paths

Everything is a dream and constant action within it
Reveals new landscapes, new suns, new reasons and ideas
Whose implementation there will be never enough time for
So lush as verdant undergrowth and immense sky formations are they

Dream and act
See bliss within



new landscapes

What a joy it is to see things
Never before occurred to the eyes
New hills, new blessed shapes
Never to be counted in its infinitude
Festivity even greater when the sight is
Basked in Sun’s restorative waves of
Benign greetings to all that is.

To explore that which is truly universal
Is one of the noblest pursuits a human being
Could ever engage in –
No vain urges of vulgar and ill-minded business
Only mild breath of wind sifts through the mind
Which ever seeks moral and spiritual endowment

The perpetual indwells in old and new alike
Yet how glorious it is to confirm and extend
Its reign, which radiates into every soul, to
Landscapes inaccustomed to familiar perception
And how soothing it is to acknowledge principles
That always are true and always uplift when
The mind evinces downward tendency.
New lessons into the nature of the human being
Have been learnt, and the image of the truth grows
And the connection between its parts renders
Cohesive structure provided the mind rests at its
Most enlightened and receptive state, brave enough to
Welcome light in its life, no matter what struggles
It takes. To emboss the light within even when
Inner turmoils rage is the true trial of will and integrity