The following is yet another short  video I have made using the material recorded on two occasions, that is 29th and 31st of December 2015 in Mława, except for the opening clip and the one starting at the 1:49 mark – those were recorded in Toruń.

I guess the video needs no further description beyond what it already presents on its own. My response to the imagery gathered is the one of exuberance, or of a calm state of the self spread freely in all directions. I restore whatever the perceptions I have at a given moment, a constant interplay of memories and premonitions, by inhaling that immediate power found in the surroundings which are blessed by the light produced by the Sun. Then, after all, the Sun is the main agent here. It lays its light on the individual directly; thus, the individual is together with nature blessed by the Sun.
In the Sun, we are all One.
The Sun with its incessant light reminds one of the continuum, that things constantly transmute within the ideal, and any hope is always invincible and infinite when this life-giving power is present, and it is always present, even when clouds overcast the sky, the Sun always shines. Let us hence bear this in our minds, so as to improve our endurance and high-mindedness. Let us be Suns, let us be One.