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Grudzień 2015

Last hours of 2015

One of my listeners (thank you!) asked me recently to add my latest album on Spotify, which prompted me to find out what that Spotify thing actually is and to proceed with having my music put there. I was not sure which aggregator to choose, who could then distribute my music to Spotify, iTunes, and so on. There are many aggregators, but only few offer favourable conditions for independent artists. To start with, I have my „Netheriser” album distributed there:
I will make my other albums available soon. I am curious how my music will benefit from it. Time will tell.


Year in review:

Things released this passing year:

1. Back to Dreaming (EP, released January)
2. „Poignant River” (single, March)
3. Portrait of a Young Man as a Transcendentalist (LP, July)
4. Trying Moments and Release (compilation album with unreleased late 2014 pieces, November)
5. Thither (EP, December)
6. Some acoustic albums
7. Music video to „Beyond Solitude”

In 2016 I will also release something under my Saponaria label.

Thank you for your support.

I wish you all the best for 2016! 
– Bruno


New EP


An 8th EP

  1. Laura & Cedric
  2. Clearing Glimmer
  3. I Saw the Sun (Slowdive cover)

Natvrologia update

New photos posted to my tumblr:

I forgot how glorious autumn forest can be.


I was interviewed by the good people at The Blog That Celebrates Itself:


An end-of-the-year release

I did not see that coming but there is a high probablity that there will be something new from this project still in 2015. One of the new songs is not that far from being completed, and I will maybe manage to finish two other ones, which means that if things go right there will be an 8th EP released in late December. Any occasion is great for uplifting sounds.

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